What's up? June 2024

Published on 2024-07-04 · Programming Side Project Personal

Few days later than anticipated, but here we go!


Pełna Kulturka

I did upload the new version in the last day of June, coincidentally at my birthday! It’s alive! 🥳

See live: https://pelnakulturka.art.

Cloud migration

All but NextCloud moved into the new place. Currently you can access all my pages from Contabo VPN:

I also moved DNS management from Hetzner to Cloudflare.

Czy dziś handlowa? (Is it shopping sunday today?)

I had to pull this app down, as I noticed that almost every time the OG image is generated with a wrong information. I don’t know if I will fix it fast enough before the new law regarding that would be passed. If I will decide to fix it, I’d like to rewrite it into Next.js to refresh my knowledge.

Cool articles & websites

Thanks for tuning in, I hope to see you soon! 🧡